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This beautiful, luxurious villa is located in Gala – a beautiful idyllic village in the Dalmatian hinterland, near Sinj.


Cetina region

The area that stretches between the Dinara and Svilaja, with the river Cetina flowing through it as the lifeblood of  both residents and visitors, is called the Cetina region. 

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In the heart of the Cetina region lies Sinj – a town that wins the heart of every visitor. The river Cetina flows through the valley, offering rafting opportunities.

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The house is approx. 40 km away from the sea, and the nearest coastal city is Split, known for its rich history dating back to Roman times.

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5 reasons to visit Sinj and Cetina region


Sinj and its surroundings have been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the Illyrian tribe Dalmatae is considered to be the native tribe. The Roman Empire, the Ottomans, the Habsburgs and the French were but a few of the conquerors who wanted to rule Sinj forever. The miraculous Lady of Sinj gave her warriors chivalrous strength to defend themselves from the Ottomans. In honour of their heavenly patroness, Our Lady of Sinj, who, according to legend, drove out the Ottomans, the people of Sinj founded the knightly game Alka as their eternal vow of respect.

Defensive walls

The most impressive symbol of Sinj is the star-shaped Kamičak fortress, which is situated on the hill of the same name. On the top of the tower, there is a bronze bell cast in the famous Italian foundry of the Colbachini family. On the hill above Sinj stands the symbol of the town, the medieval fortress Stari Grad, topped by a votive church and a bronze statue of Our Lady of Sinj. The rectangle-shaped fort encompasses two building complexes with two quadrangular towers each – Alka Halls – and is bound to delight any visitor.

The Kitchen

Sinj arambaši, frogs, crayfish, game, Cetina trout, Sinj rafioli, uštipci and kroštule, prosciutto and cheese – the  cuisine of Sinj is a unique fusion of Mediterranean, Oriental and continental cuisine.  The most famous specialty is arambaši, which is protected as an intangible cultural heritage of Sinj. The kind hosts of Sinj and its surroundings will offer you specialties that cannot be bought in any store, as the cuisine of the Cetina region is a true paradise for food lovers!


The moderately bitter and very drinkable wines of Sinj, called hrvaština, were created by mixing red and white grape varieties. If you come to Sinjska alka, you will also have the opportunity to taste the Alkar wine Pošip – a kinghtly wine that was proudly presented at the 299th Alka ceremony. The unique culinary offer also requires a perfect wine show – love and knowledge poured into a glass!

Sinjska Alka

Sinjska alka is knightly competition that is the only one of its kind in Europe. It is held every year in August in Sinj, about thirty kilometres north of Split. The one who collects the most points is the winner and all the honour of the heroic ancestors belongs to him. This magnificent folk game, in which the alkars try to hit the ring (alka) with a spear while riding horseback, is a living monument and is held on the anniversary of the victory over the Ottoman invaders.



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The perfect place to let go and relax

Villa Gala will surprise you with its high level of elegance and comfort, effortlessly combining luxury with functionality.

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